Learn How to Adjust the Settings on a Remstar Plus Machine

The Remstar plus is a CPAP machine that’s designed to administer a continual amount of air through a mask the user wears and it’s used in order to help a person who’s suffering from sleep apnea, heart disease or a type of respiratory disorder to breathe better while sleeping. Often, the settings of the Remstar plus can be difficult to get used to, with some users complaining that the air pressure is set too high and for other users the pressure is set too low.  It can be a hassle for people to make an appointment with their physician and have the settings on the machine adjusted, so read on to learn how you can change the settings on the Remstar plus machine, on your own.

The First Steps to Adjusting Your Remstar Plus Machine

With the device plugged in, unplug the cord from the back of the machine and then hold down both of the user buttons that are located below the display, while plugging the cord back into the machine. During this process you will need to continue to hold down the buttons until the machine beeps. The beeping will indicate that the machine is ready for setup.

The next step will be to reset the display. The display will initially show the first number of the hours that the machine has been used. In order to erase this and start over again at zero, you’ll need to hold the humidifier button. While holding the button down an X will appear. Continue holding the button down until a zero appears. The option to change the elevation setting will appear next. In order to change this setting, press down on the humidifier button until the elevation settings option appears.

When it comes to changing the therapy mode settings, you’ll need to press down on the humidifier button or the ramp button, until the correct prompt appears.

bipap machine treatment

The CPAP find adjustment setting will allow you to calibrate the device pressure to a manometer, while the CFLEX setting will allow you to change the CFLEX mode. This type of setting will affect the amount of pressure that’s experienced when using the Remstar plus. To calibrate the pressure setting simply hold down the humidifier button until the desired amount of pressure option appears, and select it.

Ramp time is the next setting option and it can be set for zero to forty-five minute increments. The ramp starting pressure setting will involve adjusting the pressure that the machine will initially administer once it’s turned on. This setting is important for users that experience difficulty breathing during the beginning of a treatment setting.

Why It Can Be Beneficial Learning How to Adjust Your CPAP Machine

Many Remstar users can find it inconvenient and stressful when it comes to having to make an appointment just to make a simple adjustment to their CPAP machines. Now that you know how to make these adjustments on your own, you’ll be able to adjust the air pressure settings that allow you to breathe and sleep better.

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